Some of the other websites / blogs I read on a regular basis, which have been both a major contributor to my medical education and an inspiration to me in making my own site:

Academic Life in Emergency Medicine – Not just at the top because Michelle Lin is an attending at my new residency

Blogborygmi –

Dr. Smith’s ECG bog – Steven Smith is a brilliant man who is an attending at Hennepin County’s ED (see below). He is an ECG expert and also an amazing teacher– while during my month at HCMC, I lived in fear of him asking me to interpret an ECG, I found he was actually really nice and non-intimidating in person. This site contains a lot of interesting ECGs, access to a calculator for utilizing his modification to the Sgarbossa criteria for diagnosis of STEMI in the setting of LBBB, and links to his lectures. He’s been doing #FOAMed since before it was a thing, and I can’t fully express how appreciative I am of that– he even recently released his textbook on the ECG in AMI via his website for free! – This is a web-based collection of (mostly) video lectures by residents and faculty at Hennepin County Medical Center’s EM Residency– not only is the website great, this training program is an amazing place. I was lucky enough to spend the first month of my fourth year of medical school rotating through there, where I learned more than I had in the previous three years combined from an amazing collection of attendings and residents.

EMCrit – Not much I can say about EMCrit that hasn’t been said, and surely anyone reading this is familiar with it already. One thing some people who found their way there a bit later might not have done that I highly recommend is to go back and listen to earlier EMCrit episodes about some core content, such as Dr. Weingert’s lectures on the “laryngoscope as a murder weapon” (great series), ED pain management and sedation, vent settings, and  proper use of the BVM (with Reuben Strayer, the author of EM Updates– see below). It’s not all push-dose pressors. 🙂

EM Literature of Note – Ryan Radecki was until recently an attending at the University of Texas, where I went to medical school. He is a very bright, funny, and pretty nice guy whose knowledge of and belief in EBM (which he put into practice every shift) underlies the posts on his website, which is probably the most directly influential on my own. He now works at Kaiser, and I have no doubt we’ll continue to see a lot of awesome stuff coming out of whatever department he ends up working at.

EM Lyceum –

EM Updates – –

Life as a Healthcare CIO –

Life in the Fast Lane –

Maryland CC Project –

Pediatric EM morsels –

PEM Blog –

PulmCrit –

St. Emylyn’s –

The Skeptics Guide to Emergency Medicine –

The Trauma Professional’s Blog –



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