Houston Resus – This website is the home base for a podcast focusing on Emergency Medicine and Critical Care, designed and developed with faculty and residents from the UT Houston Emergency Medicine program. I’ve believed for a long time that one of the great promises of the internet (beyond amusingly-captioned pictures of cats and proving people wrong in comment threads on political news websites) was the ability for medical information to be disseminated from top-notch institutions, for free, to any corner of the globe. #FOAMed, and such.

TVP Instructional Video – Designed with Drs. Yash Chathampally and Joshua Laird, this is an effort to create a resource to assist in transvenous pacing, a rarely-performed but potentially lifesaving procedure done in the emergency department. We attempted to weave together footage of actual patients being treated with instructional video and commentary. This project was presented at the 2013 Education Symposium hosted by the UT Health Medical School Academy of Master Educators and the UTMB-Galveston Academy of Master Teachers.

CHOICE – (Choosing Healthcare Options In Critical Environments) – This was an entry in the Clinical Quality & Safety QI Project competition in 2012, done with Parth Shah and Erika Wood. It is a mock-up of a system that we thought might be useful to capture end-of-life care preferences from patients who came into the hospital system for any reason, leading to improved care at EOL. – This will eventually be a site for hosting free, open-access video tutorials for commonly-tested concepts/subjects on the USMLE Steps 1 and 2. I hope to center it around interesting/exciting topics in emergency medicine and critical care. If you’re interested in contributing, please let me know. It’s sort of been shelved as I got buried under my own Step studying and getting into the swing of MS3.

Science Education Resources – It’s my goal to eventually upload and organize all of the things that I produced while teaching high school science as part of the Teach For America program, in Houston, TX.

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